IADR Cariology Research Group

About Us

The Cariology Research Group (CRG) is one of the main scientific groups within the International Association for Dental Research (IADR), the leading forum for dental researchers to present and discuss their oral care research findings.

The primary purpose of the CRG is to promote research on the etiology, epidemiology, risk assessment, pathogenesis, diagnosis, prevention, and management of dental caries. Furthermore, the CRG supports and provides a forum for research on dental erosion and abrasion, fluorosis, microbiological and genetic aspects of caries, dental public health and fluoride- and calcium-containing oral care products. The CRG is one of the broadest scientific groups within the IADR and therefore provides a home for virtually all multidisciplinary dental researchers.

The CRG organizes scientific posters, oral presentations, symposia, workshops, and "Lunch and Learn" sessions at meetings of the IADR. Our Group rewards outstanding contributions in its scientific areas through two awards – the IADR Basil Bibby Young Investigator Award and the IADR Cariology Research Group Travel Award. The CRG also organizes an annual, social event at meetings of the IADR and embraces social media to communicate and interact with its members.

Our Group is open to all members of the IADR – students at any stage in their education, researchers from both academic and industrial settings, and dental professionals are welcome to join the CRG, share their expertise, learn from one another and disseminate and discuss their research findings – for the advancement of knowledge on dental caries and related research areas.

Our Constitution and Bylaws (last update Jan 2015) are available for download.

We can also be found on Facebook now.

Executive Committee

Group Program Chair (secondary)
Alexandre Vieira


Immediate Past-President;
Group Program Chair (primary)
Marcelle Nascimento
Symposium/Lunch & Learn Organizer (secondary)
Frank Lippert
Symposium/Lunch & Learn Organizer (primary) Lei Mei


Secretary/Treasurer Jin Xiao


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